WHAT’S THAT? – November, 2016


“What’s that?”, the debut single of Beev Rations, with two songs NOW AVALAIBLE

And the moment arrived. We already can enjoy new and different -and however classic- things in pop-rock music nowadays. It’s not easy (nor necessary) to put a certain label about it, even the “alternative” or “indie” one. Music is music always, and there are many ways for music to express itself.

One of them is what Beev Rations* brings to us with these two-rare-pearl of brief songs (both avalaible here and here), featured in their first single, well supported by two official videos (one per song), nice and funny presentations to go along with the songs and really feel them.

“What’s that?” is the one that gives title to this record. The style is eclectic, although with marked roots of blues, R&B, country and classic pop-rock, sounding nevertheless current by the particular treatment given to the song. The vocal style, with nuances “bluesy”, brings resonances of John Lennon. The lyrics tell about an incident beetween two lovers: “apparently, he asks her with curiosity about why she is with him, suggesting some possible reasons. As she never clarifies it, he finally asks her impatiently the cause of her reservation”. Some people, anyway, they seem to have heard other weird (and bold) things… 😀

Here the words:

What’s that?

What’s that make you to be with me?

Is it my faults or just my hands?

Maybe this rumbling tick you need.

Tell me why you have

to keep it always in your mouth,

to keep it always in your mouth,

to keep it always in your mouth.

Ohh yeah, keep it always, baby,

in your mou…aah…aah…


Alan James, the man behind BRs project

The B side, “The one I love”, is like a sweet tune from a little, naughty and loving sprite. Also features eclectic style, although the influence of the sixties classic pop-rock is mostly perceived. The Alan’s voice, edited at greater speed of the natural, resembles that of an elf who is talking with himself about how his new love could or should be. For the rest, an enthusiastic and magic ambient envolves the listenner through a delicate and touching “in crescendo”.


The one I love

I’d like a girl to love me,

but not in the way she did to me.

At times we were fine,

at times she was blind,

but not in the way I like.

I want that girl who loves me,

just letting me be the way I feel.

Sometimes we shall laugh,

sometimes we’ll make love

and so life would be our dream.

When we finally meet

and share the love I have

-one that’s wide enough to her-,

then, I’m gonna hold

her close to my soul

and love her.

Beev Rations is an indie group, which music is deeply influenced by the sixties pop-rock sound, flourishing from the heart with the flavour of the Rock roots, in those juicy little pearls of brief songs, expresions of an own musical language.


These songs are avalaible in:
BandCamp – https://beevrations.bandcamp.com/
CD Baby – http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/BeevRations

WHAT’S THAT? – Beev Rations, first single, two tracks NOW AVALAIBLE:

  1. What’s that?
  2. The one I love

Click here to listen and/or buy songs:



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