Hot burrito #1 (I’m your toy) – March, 2017


Beev Rations’ new single:

“Hot burrito #1 (I’m your toy)”

Avalaible for digital download all world wide. Official video published in YouTube.

The second single of Beev Rations presents an intimate and thrilling rendition of an amazing ballad, called “Hot burrito #1 (I’m your toy)”. This song, composed by the legendary Gram Parsons and Chris Ethridge, was included in the first album of Flying Burrito Brothers, in 1969.

Now, Beev Rations bring a refreshing version* and however true to the spirit of the original. In a envolving, evocative and magic acustic/live atmosphere, Alan James delivers his captivating and velvety voice in this performance -simple and heartfelt- of a song with high emotional octane. Alan’s voice is well wrapped by the expressive and wild sound coming from warm and colourful rythm guitars, over the cadentious percussion.

Doing a sincere tribute to Gram and his beautiful music, Alan sings from the heart, straight to the audience soul. Furthermore, this song comes with a very special video that goes greatly with all the feeling of this touching -and hot- burrito, so…

Pump up the volume and enjoy!

Available for digital download and streaming in main distributors.

*Cover licensed at

Alan James: singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer in Beev Rations


You may be sweet and nice

But that won’t keep you warm at night

Cause I’m the one who showed you how

to do the things you’re doing now

He may feel all your charms

He may hold you in his arms

But I’m the one who let you in

I was right beside you then

Once upon a time you let me feel you deep inside

And nobody knew, nobody saw

Do you remember the way you cried?

I’m your toy I’m your old boy

But I don’t want no-one but you

To love me no I wouldn’t lie

You know I’m that kind of guy


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