This is an original and powerfull blend of Blues, Country and Mersey sound, with the special, thrilling, vocal treatment from Alan James. It can be also framed in styles as neoclassic rock, roots rock or simply indie. Guitars, played by Alan too, give the perfect counterpoint to the melody.


“This is a really solid blues song. I really like the croning in this song. The song has a really strong blues vibe that you don’t hear a lot nowadays, but it was really authentic. I really like the vocals and the instrumentals a lot in this song”.

“This is a very melancholy blues song. The harmonies are fantastic. The tone is slow and somber but the guitars and metallic and lonesome. This band knos exactly what they’re doing with the bottleneck slide”.

“The voice has that old fashioned sound, and the instruments are a bit retro. Good lyrics that I can easily understand. All elements are perfectly suited for each other”.

“This guy is the second coming of bob dylan hands down. I could see listening to this song in a quiet little bar in the mountains. Just me and a few friends all playing a hand of cards.”

ReverbNation Crowd Review

WHY DON’T YOU?, The new single from Beev Rations, now released and avalaible in Bandcamp. 13-8-2017

Cartel Why don't you-Press

Why don’t you?

Why don’t you love me my moon?
Why don’t you say you come soon?
How come that you’re not the same
I want your love back again.

Why don’t you kiss me
making love to me at night?


And Why, just why don’t you kiss me,
making love to me all night?
My heart is full of your memories.
You know our love’s true for sure.
Oow. oow. oow.


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