JUST TRY THEM – Beev Rations’ First EP, RELEASED!

Now you can taste these musical chocolates together, in the Beev Rations first EP: JUST TRY THEM. 

Beev Rations’ flamboyant creativity, blends intense, genuine and aromatic roots-rock sounds with the very current (sometimes experimental) touch of Alan James, who shows his distinctive and captivating voice through suggestive and carefree lyrics.

“Just try them”, first EP from Beev Rations, compiles the four singles released during 2017: three original songs, Good Wood, Why don’t you?, The Bigger Tricker and a cover of a Gram Parsons classic, Hot burrito #1 (I’m your toy).

They feature altogether the refreshing, diverse and flamboyant creativity of a band that blends intense, genuine and aromatic roots-rock sounds with the very current (even experimental, sometimes) touch from his alma mater, Alan James. This original european songwriter and multi instrumentalist, who also produces all BRs records, shows here his distinctive and captivating voice, through suggestive and carefree lyrics.

All tracks composed by A. Amarante, except “Hot burrito #1 (I’m your toy)”, composed by G. Parsons and C. Ethridge. Cover licensed at easysonglicensing.com

JUST TRY THEM, The first EP from Beev Rations, now released and avalaible in Bandcamp.


Good Wood: “A smooth and calming intro that leads to a vocalist who performs with a lot of passion and feeling put into the lyrics which are well composed and tell a good story”.

Why don’t you?: “This is a really solid blues song. I really like the croning in this song. The song has a really strong blues vibe that you don’t hear a lot nowadays, but it was really authentic. I really like the vocals and the instrumentals a lot in this song”.

The Bigger Tricker: “This song is very interesting because it’s so different from everything else. It’s very difficult to categorize because it has so many different influences and covers so many genres. It sounds both modern and like classic songs. It’s very timeless and unique”.

Hot burrito #1 (I’m your toy): “I really liked the vocals in this song. I thought they were very smooth and had a nice delivery. I think the guitar complimented well and sounded very nice”.

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