Beev Rations is an indie band which music is deeply influenced by the root-styles of Rock, flourishing from the heart with full flavour in those juicy little pearls of songs, expresions of an own musical language.

Beev Rations is the natural expresion of his creator’s musical project, Alan James (Santander, north Spain). True music lover, he is songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, who also produces Beev Rations’ records.

His musical tastes and background are as wide as the influences and genres that converge in his style, going from the 50’s to the 70’s and mainly the 60’s, where many of the bands he loves most are gathered. Anyway, Alan James’ music is completely current, thanks to the original -simple but subtle- way to synthesize, craft and perform it, for the delight of a growing audience that now loves and asks for more rooted flavour music.

Witty, irreverent and inclined to the unconventional, Alan often leaves several winks in his songs, sometimes sprinkled with brushstrokes of peculiar humor, while in others he goes directly to the soul of the listener, thrilling him/her with his captivating voice, all in songs that rarely arrive at 3 minutes.

“No line between the coarse and the sublime”, a motto emanating from Alan’s musical project, called Sunntones, may be a good general description of the art displayed at Beev Rations.


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