Here comes the Sunshine – Beev Rations’ New Single, Released!

Here comes the Sunshine: Life and Love in the big woods

Spreading warm, bright and FREE vibes as the sunlight

It can’t be really classified or labeled in a certain category or put inside a musical genre or style, but it’s magical, outrageous, beautiful, touching, balsamic and inspiring. That’s the badge of Beev Rations music. This time Alan James craft his new work of sound upon the fresh, natural and meaningful words written by a fine english lyricist called Kenneth Mood.

Combining and fusing styles and esences as varied and diverse as folk, symphonic rock, ambient, doo-wop, soft rock, psychedelia, mersey sound, melodic pop or new era, Here comes the sunshine -lets say- “springs cleanly like a mountain spring in spring”, moving rhythmically and majestically through magical corners, changes of rhythm and unexpected turns, which keep the listener in suspense from beginning to end.


With a careful and elaborate production -doing a rightly use of sonic resources and effects-, the combination of exuberance, harmony, elegance, intensity, and yet simplicity, of this theme can be appreciated in the instrumental arrangements as well as in the voices and the very structure of the song, composing a whole hymn to a natural healthy life, lived from love, which manifests spontaneous at the same time that serene and transcendent.

It’s precisaly this feeling, brought along with the very nature of this colaboration between Kenneth Mood and Beev Rations, that makes this record avalaible for everybody at zero cost, being free-to-download in platforms like SoundCloud or Reverbnation. With the full release, in mid-May, you also have it free in Bandcamp.

Finally, all the nuances and values of the song are very well reflected in the video, indeed a nice and simple -but effective- one, whose suggestive, bucolic and evocative game of images and scenes fully accompanies the instrumental band, making it even more memorable (and yes, you can expect that peculiar humor touch from Alan James). So, we find some good reasons to spread these beautiful vibes and make them viral.


“This song is very soothing and relaxing and the strings sounds so melodious. I need this in my life. What is the name of the band? E-mail me so I can pick up some of these song. Thanks”.

“I think the singer has a really nice relaxing voice. The song is very chill. The lyrics are well written and I feel that the sound quality is really well produced. I really like this”.

“Overall, I love the elements that this song brings. I love the passion that is displayed from the very beginning, and never strays. And I love how modern the song feels”.

“Wow, that was upbeat! A nice 70s style relaxed song of praise and worship. That is a good sound quality that has been quite lost to me”.

ReverbNation Crowd Reviews


Here comes the Sunshine

(K. Mood – A. Amarante)

I trust in love
I see the leaves
I say your name
I feel the breeze.

We are going together
To share the day.
We are just friends
Our love is okay.

Here comes the sunshine
It makes me good.
I go out walking
In the big woods.

Travel in the mind,
in a aeroplane.
Stay by me always
In sunshine and rain.

My dreams are burning,
I am buying food
For our lovely picnic
In the big woods.

I drink the wine
I eat the food
I dream and smile
I am no fool

Here comes the sunshine
It makes me good.
I go out walking
In the big woods.


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