Mystic Lover – Beev Rations’ New Single, Released!


Beev Rations bring us this brilliant and mysterious gem called Mystic Lover, wich is a stunning and touching blend of genuine rootsrock styles, as Doo Wop, Blues and Country (this two mostly in the second half of the song). And always with that original, current and peculiar touch of Alan James, who creates such magic and beauty all through the barely two minutes of this atmospheric, delightful and unique theme.

Specially here in Mystic Lover, the subtle and the mundane, human and divine, sacred and profane, are all aspects of the very same thing, from the Alan James point of view. No need to say that he is pleased to play again with this in a natural, playful and sincere way, as he use to.

Fun and sadness, joy and pain, love and humor, are maybe sides of the same coin too… as in this song. So take it easy, put yourself comfortable, swicht off the lights and enjoy this mystic musical experience. You are free to fly….

MYSTIC LOVER, The new single from Beev Rations, now avalaible in Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify, iTunes and more…


“I dont know why but I love all the quirkiness of this song! I dont think it could be a hit on teh radio but I could see it being used in a movie scene. Very interesting vocals in this song”.

“My only problem with this song is, I wish it was longer. It reminded me of the beatles for some reason, the song in itself was pretty calming to me”.

“I liked the lyrics; they had substance, depth and was well written. I liked the chorus; it was catchy and memorable. I liked the artist’s singing; it was well polished and rich”.

“I love how soulful the artist vocals are appear in this song. The harmony has an original presence and feel to it as well. The instrumentation has a nice ballad sound”.

ReverbNation Crowd Reviews

Mystic Lover

In the shrine on my own,
I say a prayer with love…
I adore you,
I’m so devoted to you.
I’ll follow your path,
your love is all
I’ve ever had.
I build a church
where you
will be my saint,
but no one shall pass
cos I’m the one
to be at your side.
Something in the middle of your body,
trembling on the glowing of your skin
is now atraccting me to you so badly
I became a mystic
for your love.


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