MUSHROOMS – Beev Rations’ New Single, released!

It’s mushrooms’ season, have a ration with Beev Rations! 

Take a walk in the park and see what’s grown on the green. In a joyful and subtle way, this very quiet tempo song mixes blues, jazz, country and folk with elements and essences of Mersey sound, psychedelia and California echoes. The result is a tasty musical plate… with mushrooms, of course. A fine delicatessen specially prepared by Alan James for you. Bon apetit!

MUSHROOMS, now avalaible in Bandcamp


“I really liked the twang of this song right away. The sound of the vocals was interesting and for some reason made me think of a UFO or alien themed tv show. The name mushrooms was very fitting for the vibe of this song. Very interesting song structure – unique all around”.

“The vocals are rich and attractive. The melody is fun and interesting. The lyrics are amusing and cute. The instrumentals are rhythmic and engaging. And the sound and production quality is clear and crisp. Overall I like this song”.

“I like the melody of the song because it reminds me of a quiet summers day. I like the feelings this song evokes, it is full of emotion and the lyrics are interesting to listen to. The singer has a nice voice and has a good grasp of the melody and a lot of range. I like the guitar rhythm and the piano and strings”.

“The background music with electric guitar and light drums taps are nice. The male vocals are clear. The background “Doo Wop” works in this song. The lyrics were well written and well performed”.

“I like the loudness of the instrumentals in this song and I like the vibration of the vocal pitch in this song because it is creative and easy to listen to. Also I like the continuation of the lyrics in the song”.

“This song just seemed silly. I did not like the vocal. I did not like the instrumentation. It did not sound well produced. The lyrics were not good. I really can’t think of anything I liked about this song”. [note from Alan: I think this review is also interesting and fun!! :D]

“The haunting vocals and the interesting lyrics keeps the listener fully engaged in the song. The nuanced instrumentals with the percussion and twanging guitar keep the attention of the audience”.

“I liked the paychadelic and funky sound of the song. I liked the singing and felt it was very unique. I liked that the song sounded like it was out there far out”.

“This song is so fresh and vintage at the same time. I liked the drum section of the music. The song was well produced. I thought the song also could be Hawaiian sounded”.

ReverbNation Crowd Reviews

MUSHROOMS, The new single from Beev Rations, releases in January, 2018


they came out of the green,
from one day to another
and here they are.
Here they are.
Nobody called them,
but it is just the same.
Mushrooms have appeared (came on you)
in their own place
in the park.
They couldn’t appear in the sand.
Nobody saw them on the water.
They’re only waiting for right conditions
to come alive on your green.
So if you gotta let them grow within you,
let it be the mushroom of love,
the mushroom of love,
the mushroom of love,
eat the mushroom of love.
Nice mushroom?
Tasty mushroom?
Come on.
Come on.


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