MUSHROOMS – Beev Rations’ New Single, Premiere!

It’s mushrooms’ season, have a ration with Beev Rations! 

Take a walk in the park and see what’s grown on the green. In a joyful and subtle way, this very quiet tempo song mixes blues, jazz, country and folk with elements and essences of Mersey sound, psychedelia and California echoes. The result is a tasty musical plate… with mushrooms, of course. A fine delicatessen specially prepared by Alan James for you. Bon apetit!

MUSHROOMS, The new single from Beev Rations, releases in January, 2018


they came out of the green,
from one day to another
and here they are.
Here they are.
Nobody called them,
but it is just the same.
Mushrooms have appeared (came on you)
in their own place
in the park.
They couldn’t appear in the sand.
Nobody saw them on the water.
They’re only waiting for righ conditions
to come alive on your green.
So if you gotta let them grow within you,
let it be the mushroom of love,
the mushroom of love,
the mushroom of love,
eat the mushroom of love.
Nice mushroom?
Tasty mushroom?
Come on.
Come on.


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