THE BIGGER TRICKER – Beev Rations’ New Single, RELEASED!

Go West… of the Multiverse!! With Beev Rations’ new single: THE BIGGER TRICKER. 

Beev Rations strikes again with another brilliant surprise, this time even more unlabelable and, by the way, mostly unbelievable. (Spoiler alert now!)

This is in fact an experimental song, kind of kaleidoscopic musical mosaic, an avant-garde and sensational pocket rock-suite where the blend and fussion of styles and sounds reach a higher point, just starting with unexpected ambient/new age vibes to end with a lively and very tasty root-flavored Country & Western, passing across some fine folk and R&B notes in strings and cool sound effects, all of it clothing a vibrant and true vocal performance by Alan James. Then, you can call it Alt Country if you want it, or simply Indie in pure state.
Anyway, have a good sonorous voyage, enjoy also the pics and keep an eye on the signs… you never know when this man is saying much more than what you could figure out at a first glance!!

THE BIGGER TRICKER, The new single from Beev Rations, now released and avalaible in Bandcamp.

The Bigger Tricker

Many of you
play little tricks.
Then you believe
no one is watching you
but I Know every moment
before you make a move.
Many of you
play your little tricks
but I play the biggest trick.
Call me the bigger tricker,
call me the biggest tricker.
Call me, cos I know
that I am the only one.


“This song is very interesting because it’s so different from everything else. It’s very difficult to categorize because it has so many different influences and covers so many genres. It sounds both modern and like classic songs. It’s very timeless and unique”.

“I thought the lyrics were beautiful and I thought the music was spectacular. It was happy and it was mellow and it was relaxing. Everything about this song came together really well.”

“I like the clarity of the vocals. I like the tempo. I like how well the percussion maintains the tempo. I like the background instrumental performance and how well it complements the vocals. I like that the lyrics tell a complex story”.

“I really like this song a lot especially for its creativity and unique qualities in its intro and overall instrumentation and vocal performance. This song has a simple sound that just really works well”.

ReverbNation Crowd Review


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