“Melted Love (unreleased demo)”, a new BEEV RATIONS’ surprise

Come to the beach with BEEV RATIONS and enjoy this new and salty song:

“Melted Love (unreleased demo)”

A new surprise from Beev Rations to its beloved followers, this is a little demo of the original song called “Melted love”.

Take a walk with Alan James by a beautiful beach of El Sardinero (Santander, Cantabria, Spain), in full spring, while you listen to an evocative, cadentious and (of course) salty tune, sung with the charming and thrilling style of the band’s vocalist, instrumentist and composer.

Although you’ll go near the sea, you won’t get wet… or, well, I don’t know… 😀

Melted Love (unreleased demo)

Mary, Mary,
is it too late for me to marry you?
Longing lonely,
could I prevent it by loving you?

I swear it’s nothing wrong
or nothing right,
in wanting giving you love all night
and melt together being one.


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