GOOD WOOD – Beev Rations’ third single, released!

Beev Rations’ new single:


Avalaible in Bandcamp and CD Baby

Good wood is the new and original song by Beev Rations. Being their third single, will be released in April, along with the official video.

Like the music of this indie band -in general terms-, this song can be framed in the styles of neoclassic rock, roots rock or simply indie. More concretely, it is a kind of mixture of melodic pop-rock, alternative folk/country, blues and standard, beaming the aroma of the 50s-60s, this time bringing that special -as subtle as sassy- humoristic touch from Alan James, right there where you least expected it.

Lead voice here, in its smooth, temperate and warm mode, is catchy aswell as expressive and suggestive, with the just point of rascality that fits very well with the naughty lyrics this peculiar story shows, through unexpected turns that even reach (and touch) the surreal and hiperbolic.

The well-orchestrated and colorful combo formed by acustic guitars, bass and drums, sounds evocative and raptured from the beginning and comes to shine especially in certain ecstatic passages edged by the placid notes of an ethereal (stratospheric on the solo part) lead guitar.

So turn up the volume and sure you’re gonna feel something (don’t know what or how) about this!

Full release will come in the coming weeks, along with the official video in YouTube. Also, this record will be available for digital download.


When the sky is blue

the birds are singing,

the roses leave their smell

as we make it well.

To everywhere I go

the beings are being

and so we’ll love as long as

this bed hold on.

Then put your hand right here

and I will put mine there,

There’s nothing

that we could not reach

while I am over you

or you over me.

A day will come

when we’re just married,

we’ll call a carpenter there,

to mend our bed.


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